Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics

Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics

Translations and other words

I'm Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics,

I am a Polish and Russian translator. I have studied both linguistics and translation theory, with a focus on translating specialist texts. I have since gained direct experience as an editor, trade journalist, scriptwriter and a proofreader. I guarantee high quality of the translation, efficient and timely execution of orders and offer the billing on the basis of a VAT invoice.
Polish translations

As a Polish native speaker, I offer translations of all manners of texts – ordinary, literary and specialized, up to and including legal documents. With my experience as a journalist, copywriter and a scriptwriter, you can rest assured no nuance will be lost in translation.

Russian translations

I also offer translations to and from Russian language – paired with both Polish and English. A high quality of the translation will be ensured by both my Russian Language and Specialized Translation studies, as well as an excellent understanding of Russian cultural context.


When working with me, you can be sure of the utmost professionalism not only of the translation itself, but the entire business relationship. I adapt to the business needs such as working with the client’s translation memory or terminology base, billing based on a VAT invoice or any other requirements you might have.


Michał Karpowicz, PIW
We have been greatly pleased by both the results of the work and cooperativeness of Mr. Chodkowski-Gyurics, whom we expect to employ for future translations.
Michał Karpowicz, PIW State Publishing Institute
Wojciech Kość, Cleantech Poland

Mr. Chodkowski-Gyurics proved diligent, apt at critical analysis of data and facts, as well as writing skills. He delivered completed materials timely, often despite a strong time pressure. His work stressed the ability to convey complex issues in an approachable form, eg.  for the clients from outside the industry.

Wojciech Kość, Cleantech Poland

Łukasz Mazurek, Interleo

We are very happy with the results of hitherto cooperation and hope to continue working with Mr. Chodkowski-Gyurics at future projects involving creation, translation or editing of texts.

Łukasz Mazurek, Interleo

Piotr Radzięda, Translation Street

As a proofreader, Mr. Chodkowski proved particularly diligent and reliable, as he usually noticed 100% of the mistakes made by translators, which is fairly rare. Moreover, we have valued working with Mr. Chodkowski due to his availability and communication skills.

Piotr Radzięda, Translation Street

Cody Clarke, Kill the Lion Films

Thanks a lot!

Cody Clarke, Kill the Lion Films

Other words

In addition to translating, I offer a wide array of services related to creation and editing of various texts. If you need to populate your new website with content, come up with an effective marketing copy or make sure your upcoming publication will sound flawlessly - I will gladly help you.
Editing and proofreading
I am experienced as both an editor and a proofreader of various texts in English, Polish and Russian.
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During my career, I have written scripts and screenplays for various instructional videos, interactive apps and e-learning courses.
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Among other services I offer, I create content for a varied assortment of informational and marketing materials, such as product catalogs, presentations or websites.
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Free quotation

If you’re interested in working with me, please reach out via e-mail or the following form, allowing me to understand your needs and propose a quotation and the date of service.

Sample projects

Thanks to fairly diverse vocational experience, I have been able to work with a numerous kinds of texts - such as multimedia, Internet websites or trade magazines - both as a translator and as a creator.
House of Government
I was one of the translators behind the Polish edition of Yuri Slezkine's House of Government, published by the PIW State Publishing Institute.
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VR Mind
I have designed interactive scenarios for the VR Mind program, a VR-based system meant to augment professional therapy of various anxiety disorders.
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Polycom market entry
As part of the preparations for the entry of Polycom, a provider of telecommunication solutions, into the Polish market, I have translated a wide selection of marketing materials.
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Shale Gas Investment Guide
I have worked for a period of three years as a journalist and an analyst for the Shale Gas Investment Guide and Explorer trade magazines.
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China Homelife Show
Working with the Polish Media Association, I have assisted the preparations for the China Homelife Show and China Machinex Expo 2017 conferences, co-hosted by the National Chamber of Commerce.
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Working with the independent movie studio Kill The Lion Films, I have prepared Polish and Russian subtitles for the movie Rehearsals.
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